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CAMI is the most effective way to ‘practice’ Maths and English in the World! Our results speak for themseves.’Practice Makes Perfecr!’


The key to knowledge retention is the ability to retrive information quickly and accurately.Our software program is uniquely in it’s ability to test the transfer and retention of knowledge at pace!


Take advantage of our proven education software backed by our professional tutors and technical team.


Monitor your child’s progress intantly with our reporting package.


Receive coursework tailored to your child’s individual needs prepared by our professional tutors and delivered through our software.
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  • The Advantage of Early Learning for Children’s Brain Development A child obtains nearly 85% of individuality, understanding and observation of things before it reaches its 5th year. In other words, a child’s brain gets its approximate form and mechanism before the child attains 5 years of age. External influences appear to contribute a lot to the child’s brain development; because, most the children learn ... Read More
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    • Joanna Lamac 20120506_145217I have recently joined PMP because I am seeking some Work / life balance. I am a big believer in haleping kids with education, so I wanted to take a proactive approach with my own kids. I love the concept behind how PMP gets success for families, so it is a real easy product to ... Read More
    • Sia Annear Sia& GeoffSince joining the PMP Network, I have spoken to many families about how the CAMI program can help their children. Our two sons have really benefited from using the program, our eldest son now writes more confidently and our youngest son has improved, particularly with his maths. Being part of the PMP Network has been ... Read More





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    Pathways to Success

    From goal setting, to rewards, to learning styles, to creating effective learning environments and making study fun, PTS has a wealth of information on offer in 9 easy-to-follow modules. There is further information on our links and even a learning styles quiz, all aimed to support you in assisting your child.

    Good study habits are important for success in school, to increase self esteem and to help children realise that they have the power to determine their level of success in school and in life. Good study habits lay the groundwork for successful work habits as an adult.

    PTS is a 10 module program that aids you in supporting your child in the development of solid study skills. Helpful tips and worksheets will provide you with practical ways to assist your child.

    Our Improving Cognitive Skills Assessment

    'Cognitive skills' is a term that refers to a person's ability to process thoughts. It includes memory, the ability to learn new information and the understanding of written information. Early childhood is a crucial stage for the development of cognitive skills as it is an optimal time for absorbing and using information. During this period children learn new words, concepts, and various methods to express themselves.

    If your child is in Year 1 or 2 and aiming to develop their thinking and reasoning skills, we recommend that they take our Improving Cognitive Skills Assessment.

    Your child will be tested using a range of activities that encourage lateral thinking and stretch the mind. The questions in the test can help children prepare for their experiences in primary school.

    Our Learning Styles Assessment We recommend that if your child is in Year 4 or above that they take our Learning Styles Assessment. Based on Neil Fleming's theory of learning styles, our assessment will identify what style your child is most suited to so that their study skills are improved in the best way possible. REGISTER NOW
    Our Selective School and Scholarship Tests

    If your child is in Year 5 or 6 and aiming for the best quality academic experience, we recommend that they take our Selective School and Scholarship Tests.

    Comprised of the Mathematics and General Ability strands, our tests provide a comprehensive and realistic assessment of your child's skills in higher level reasoning.

    Your child will be tested on their handling of words, numbers and ideas in these multiple choice question assessments. An ability to analyse and solve a wide range of problems is essential in the Selective School and Scholarship Tests.

    Our NAPLAN* Style Tests

    Our NAPLAN* Style tests are designed to replicate the NAPLAN test experience and so prepare your child to perform better under NAPLAN exam conditions.

    It is important to note that NAPLAN* is a test of a student's understanding of key concepts. It does not determine a student's ability or intelligence. A poor NAPLAN result can be addressed through adequate revision and practice of key concepts, often this is best achieved through extra support outside of school such as a tutor.

    Similarly, a good NAPLAN* result may suggest your child is ready for extension work to further develop their understanding of key concepts and so might benefit from extra support such as tutoring.

    Our Maths Assessments

    The Maths Assessments are available from Kindergarten right through to Year 10. Completely aligned with the new National Curriculum for Maths, there is no better way to assess your child's academic performance.

    Practice tests are used to identify gaps in knowledge as well as push students into higher ability brackets. Ensure that your child maximises their learning experience with our Maths Assessments.

    Our Opportunity Class Tests

    Placement in an Opportunity Class can secure a level of education that academically gifted students in year 5 and 6 require to meet their needs and challenge them. Interaction with other gifted students and access to a more challenging curriculum prepares these students for suitable academic pathways in secondary education and beyond.

    Our Opportunity Class Test allows you to assess your child's current understanding of the required skills and knowledge necessary to gain access to a gifted and talented program which caters for highly achieving, academically talented students.


    Why PMP?

    We are the Maths & English experts! Have your entire family covered in one membership. Click on any Register buttons to join us today.
    See the FAQ section to answer some of your questions.


    Should we develop a routine that includes CAMI time around other commitments/activities.

    Yes, if you have a weekly schedule, it helps to stay on track. We encourage families to set out a Weekly and Monthly schedule with suitable rewards for achievement. Contact one of our Tutors today to find out the best way for your family.

    Do you offer support for the Naplan exams?

    Yes, practice exam papers can be sent in preparation for the NAPLAN, which we can mark, provide feedback on and/or incorporate into the next set of CAMI exercises prepared.

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    “Brendan is performing well in Maths and, like Damon getting up at 6am to work on CAMI, has been doing extension work. Both boys’ teachers are constantly commenting on how quickly they pick up new concepts in Maths. We believe CAMI has been a huge contribution to their academic achievements and their confidence in the classroom.”

    - Brendon & Damon


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